Our Story

PB has achieved so much in the past 2 years not just from one individual but a community of people that have come together to strive for something bigger than ourselves .

The goal to help athletes and people progress in their sport and life, break pass plateaus and achieve more with their bodies than they ever thought was capable.


Strength in all facets . Assisting individuals in surpassing physical and mental barriers. The strength to go from failure to failure but keep growing and learning. To build resilience , mental strength as well as build physical strength.


To always be honorable with our intentions. To aid as movement specialist, go above and beyond to understand the athlete as an individual and not just another number.

Our passion comes from the fact that we are athletes ourselves and understand how much grit is required to push these physical capacities.

We are so grateful to be able to work alongside and facilitate the growth of these passionate individuals and extremely proud to call team PB my friends. This isn't just internally but also externally with the companies and athlete /client relationships we have built and forged forward together as a community of like minded people.

Some may call us obsessed but I believe there is a bigger vision
To advance the care , performance and physical capabilities of athletes/clients by giving them access to great health professionals and coaches , to prevent an athlete from prematurely retiring from a deficit that can be easily solved by an individual that cares enough.

Thank you everyone for the past 2 years