What is PB?

  • PB is a sports physiotherapy company based in Sydney Australia.
  • PB has 3 locations & a team of 10 staff.
  • PB does online consults all over the globe, including in 21 countries.
  • PB treats world champion powerlifters, olympians and national champion weightlifters.


Physiotherapy FAQs

What is Physiotherapy?

·         Physiotherapy is the treatment of injury, disease and disorders through physical methods such as exercise, massage, manipulation and other treatments.


How can Physiotherapy help?

·         Physiotherapists are highly trained health professionals who provide treatment for people suffering from physical problems arising from injury, disease, illness and ageing.

·         Physios aim to get you pain free without surgery or medication.

·         Physiotherapy can improve your performance in sport, the gym and improve your quality of life.

·         Physios can prehab before surgery to speed up recovery time.

·         Women’s health physio can help with pelvic floor dysfunctions.


Does a Physiotherapist need to be qualified?

·         Yes. Australia requires for all physiotherapists to be registered and according to data released from the Physiotherapy Board of Australia.

·         Physiotherapists in Australia have trained in universities must keep up to date with the latest research and clinical reasoning.


What is the role of the physiotherapist?

·         Physios assess the physical condition of an individual in order to diagnose problems and implement a treatment plan.

·         Physios can also re-training athletes to lift weights with the correct form in order to prevent injuries and maximise performance.

·         Physios will also be responsible for educating their athletes and their families to prevent injuries and to help those people lead healthy lifestyles.

·         Physios will also work with local gyms and fitness centres to promote good movement mechanics and to prevent injuries.


Who can benefit from physiotherapy?

·         Physiotherapists see all manner of people including athletes, general population, children, babies, elderly, people after surgery and people with chronic pain.


What are the types of physiotherapy?

·         Physiotherapy can be an effective treatment for a plethora of conditions and any one of these treatments can help lessen the recovery time after a variety of surgeries.

·         Physiotherapists can specialise in a number of different areas including sports medicine, children's health (paediatrics) and women's health. Within these parameters, there are three different areas:

·         Musculoskeletal: used to treat conditions such as sprains, back pain, arthritis, strains, bursitis, posture problems, sport and workplace injuries and plus reduced mobility. Rehabilitation following surgery is also included within this category. PB Physio focuses on this area of physiotherapy.

·         Neurological: used to treat disorders of the nervous system including strokes, spinal cord injuries, acquired brain injuries, multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. It can also be used for rehabilitation following brain surgery.

·         Cardiothoracic: treatment of used asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other cardio-respiratory disorders.


Types of therapies

·         Each individual's treatment is tailored to suit their specific requirements and a physiotherapist will choose from a wide range of therapies, including:

·         Manual therapies: such as joint manipulation and mobilisation (which includes spinal mobilisation), dry needling, foam rolling, trigger balls, manual resistance training and stretching.

·         Exercise programs: such as muscle strengthening, posture re-training, powerlifting, bodybuilding, weightlifting, cardiovascular stretching and training

·         Performance Improvement: consists of replicating an athletes sport or an individual’s movement patterns to improve performance.


What causes injury?

·         Injuries can arise from a variety of factors and is different for every individual.

·         Factors may include weak muscles, tight muscles, poor motor patterns, bad posture, overweight or the poor technique when playing sport.

·         Accordingly, the physiotherapist not only treats the pain but addresses the other factors too. This holistic approach aims to reduce the risk of the injury happening again.


Do I need a referral to see a physio?

·         No. You do not need to a referral by a doctor or other health professional in order to see a physio.

·         However, a health professional, personal trainer or fitness coach may recommend physiotherapy to help treat an injury, imbalance or performance leak.


How much does it cost to see a physio?

·         Physio cost can very depending on the location, type of service and visit type.

·         Prices for an initial consultation in  Sydney range from $95 to $165.

·         Prices for a subsequent consultation in Sydney range from $80 to $125.

·         PB Physio charges $115 for an initial  and $105 for a subsequent.


Does Health Insurance cover the cost or gap for physio?

·         Yes, some private health insurance does cover partial or the full amount of Physio.

·         It is best to check with your provider as every plan and provider is different

·         PB Physio has a HICAPS machine in the clinic, which allows you to make a claim on the spot and pay the gap. Eg if the cost is $105 and you get a $60 rebate from your insurer, then you would pay the gap of $45.


Does Medicare cover the cost or gap for physio?

·         Yes, with a doctors referral under a certain set of chronic (long term) circumstances. It is best to check with your GP for more details.

·         Most physio clinics, will have a gap that you will need to pay, PB included.


What is online physio?

·       Online physio (or Telehealth) is physio done by video on the internet.

·       It allows you to receive physio from anywhere in the world via Zoom, Teams, Facebook, WhatsApp etc.

·       PB has been doing online physio for 18 months and online physio currently makes up ~20% of all consults

·       Online physio gets the same results as face to face physio. Your physio will guide you through manual therapy using a trigger ball or foam roller.

·       Online physio also involves your physio to see your gym technique using your home gym equipment or bodyweight exercises. We can optimise your technique to maximise your strength and minimse injuries.

·       Online physio allows your physio to also see your home office set up and optimise the ergonomics to eliminate neck and back pain.

·       PB has been doing online physio for 3 years and online physio currently makes up 10-20% of all consults

·       PB currently does online consults with 19 countries!

Does online physio qualify for private health rebates?

·       Yes. Online physio was recently widely accepted by the industry to qualify for private health and medicare rebates. Check with your provider for more specific information.


Where is PB Physio located?

·         PB is located in Marrickville NSW. We are a one minute walk from Dulwich Hill Train and Tram stations.

·         Address is 269 Wardell Road, Marrickville NSW 2204