Never Let An Injury Stop You Completely!  Ft. 'Powerlifting Physio' Pei Gan

What To Know About Women's Health? Ft. 'Physique Physio' Julia Hlaing

Olympic Diver & Australian Legend Mel Wu talks about her experience with Pei Gan & PB Physio.

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Jacinta "Juggernaut" Jade, an Australian Pro Muay Thai fighter  talks about her experience with Paora Waaka & PB Physio.

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The Miracle Maker - With The Powerlifting Physio Pei Gan

The Competitive Edge - Fitness Uncensored.

Alicia Gowans, Robbie Frame, Jared Hustler Feat. Pei Gan

Pei speaks about the psychology of pain. Find out how she helped Alicia squat for the first time in three years after a back injury.

Leaking the Truth about the Pelvic Floor with Julia Hlaing

Strength FM

Chris Aslan, Nuck Mudaliar Feat. Julia Hlaing

The boys speak about the unspoken about the pelvic floor with Women's Health and Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist Julia Hlaing.

They discuss incontinence amongst women in strength training and general populations and how it has been taboo for many years not to talk about it BUT it can be fixed! Julia explains how incontinence can be both prevented and improved through appropriate strength training.