Our Values

Strength, Honour, Progression


Our mission is to stop athletes from retiring due to injury!

Our philosophy is for you to miss zero training sessions due to injury!

Our passion is helping powerlifters, bodybuilders, strength athletes, fighters, footballers & gym goers!

Our focus is on performance, not pain!


Jess Sewastekno


Hi, I'm Jess the @SewaStrong Physio!

My mission is to help you get as strong as possible.

I bring a multitude of experience with a strength coach background under my belt. I havebeen a powerlifting coach for 3 years and worked alongside strength athletes for years beyond that. I also spent 12 months working at the AIS as a sports physiologist during Rio 2016. ⠀
Some of the elite athletes I have worked with include:⠀Aus Powerlifter,  Aus Opals Womens Basketball, Women's Rugby 7s, Aus Rollers Mens Wheelchair Basketball⠀, Aus Para Hand Cyclists, AIS COE Mens Squads,⠀Football, Womens Basketball.
I have represented Australia in Powerlifting, Karate & hopefully weightlifting soon.⠀
Some of my highest achievements include:⠀Aus #1 ranked -57kg lifter 2019, 2nd drug-tested woman in Aus history to reach 500 wilks, Aus #2 ranked overall female lifter 2019.

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Julia Hlaing

Physio & Womens Health Physio

Hi, I'm Julia the @PelvicStrong Physio!

I have a passion for musculoskeletal rehabilitation and treating women's health related conditions. I am highly passionate about helping with lower back injuries, exercise performance and strength training.

My philosophy is to understand every individual's story and empowering my clients to achieving their goals and personal best. I follow a holistic approach to recovery .

I have a strong background in health and fitness with personal achievements in bodybuilding, weightlifting, crossfit and powerlifting. I have a pro card in bikini modelling in ANB. I also won the 2018 Australasia Natural Bodybuilding Universe in the Pro Bikini Division. In powerlifting I have competed at states and qualified for nationals.

Womens Health

My focus is to manage pelvic related conditions with athletic females.

Common conditions include pre pregnancy preparation, post pregnancy management, urinary incontinence,  prolapse, pain during sex, pre/post gyno surgery rehabilitation, perineal tear management, pelvic pain, dyspareunia, chronic constipation, bowel dysfunction

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Mikaila Gent

Receptionist & Physio Student

Hi, I'm Mikaila, the receptionist at PB Physio. ⠀

I am currently in my 3rd year of Physiotherapy at Western Sydney University.⠀

I have danced competitively for 15 years growing up in a mixture of Jazz, Ballet, Tap, Modern/Contemporary and Lyrical.⠀

I have also competed locally in netball, soccer and Oztag. ⠀

I have a passion for a healthy, balanced lifestyle and enjoy pilates and walks at my local beach, Cronulla⠀

Looking forward to seeing all of you in the clinic!⠀

Shash Sharma


Hi, I'm Shash the @PacePhysio!

I am very passionate about sports both as a physiotherapist and as a competitor.

As a Physio, I have experience with multiple field sports including soccer, rugby, gridiron and athletics. I have done sports coverage for men's, women's and youth teams.

As a competitor I have played 1st grade cricket for Macquarie University in the Sydney Shires competition, been a net bowler for touring international cricket sides asand played representative touch football over the last four years.
I'm also an avid gym goer, having had a membership at anytime fitness since 2012. A large portion of which involved training with a strength/powerlifting style set up and focus, now changed to a more muscle building & athletic performance focus.

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Paora Waaka


Hi, I'm Paora the @FightingPhysio!

I am passionate about MMA, football, field sports, shoulders and climbing.  In particular I love BJJ, Muay Thai , AFL and rock climbing.

My passion for physio stems from my extensive background in sports:
- AFL Seniors for Blacktown Magic & Wollongong Lions⠀
- Rugby Union University of Wollongong⠀⠀
- East Coast Eagles Hills District U18’s AFL⠀⠀
-Norwest Jets Richmond U16’s AFL ⠀⠀

My proudest achievement as a physio rehabbing the U66/74kgs 2017 Champion to the World Powerlifting IPF Championship⠀  (Kavwa).

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Pei Gan

Musculoskeletal Physio

Hi, I'm Pei the @PowerliftingPhysio!

My mission is to help you achieve your personal best in powerlifting, the gym, the sporting field and in your everyday life. I can help you achieve this by addressing your injuries/pain and niggles and finding the root cause of the problem. I am an athlete too, so I can empathize with your training struggles.

I also want to help you understand that physiotherapy is more than just rehab. A very big part of it is finding the missing links and weaknesses, addressing them and taking you to the next level in your performance.

Common injuries that I help with are sore backs, sore necks, torn ligaments, torn muscles, shoulder pain, elbow pain and knee pain. Common reasons why athletes see me is to break training plateaus, competition preparation,  sporting injuries and to improve performance through physio.

My philosophy is to work around injuries safely, whilst addressing the underlying problem through physio and strength training.

I am very passionate about powerlifting and I am the 2019 national Champion in the U52kgs Australian Powerlifting Union. I qualified to represent Australia at the 2020 World Championships. I also am a competitive weightlifter looking to improve.

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