Melissa Wu

- Mel Wu is an Olympic Diver who has achieved a silver medal at the Olympics.

- Mel is a 3x Olympian!

- She is the founder of two businesses: A weightlifting & gymnastic club @hrdkawstrength & an activewear label @havokathletic

- Follow her @Melissapaigewu

Liz Craven

- Liz is 2 time world champion powerlifter.

- Liz is also a 5 time world record breaker in Powerlifting.

- Liz is an online athlete from Canberra, ACT.

- She competes in the 52kg weightclass & her best lifts are:

  • Squat160.5kg
  • Bench Press 87.5kg
  • Deadlift 190kg

- She coaches & owns a gym in Canberra House of Reps

- Follow her @Lizpowerlifts

Jess Sewastenko

- Jess is powerlifter & weightlifter.

- Jessis a 57kg Australian powerlifting champion.

- Jess is the second female to 500 wilks in Australian powerlifting history 

- Jess has a powerlifting world record deadlift and total

-Jess is also a national level weightlifter

-Jess is a physio at PB Physio.

- Follow her @sewastrong

Ismail Dudu Kamara

- Ismail is an olympic sprinter.

- Ismail represented Sierra Leonean at the 2016 Rio Olympics in the 100m mens race.

- He also has competed at All African games 2015, Islamic solidarity games 2017 & Commonwealth games 2018.

- Follow him @dudumanish

 Josh Wu

- Josh is a national weightlifting champion.

- Josh is the founder of weightlifting & gymnastic club @hrdkawstrength .

- HRDKAW is the #1 weightlifting club in NSW in terms of members.

- Follow him @JoshWu7

Julia Hlaing

- Julia is a bodybuilder & weightlifter

- Julia is a world champion ANB bikini bodybuilder.

- Julia is a pelvic health physio at PB Physio.

- Julia is also a state level weightlifter.

- Follow her @pelvicstrong

Meghan Scanlon

- Meghan is a world champion powerlifter from the USA.

- She is an online athlete all the way from the America.

- Meghan holds 5 world records and 12 national records.

- She competes in the 57-63kg weight classes & her best lifts are

  • Squat 187.5kg
  • Bench Press 120kg
  • Deadlift 187.5kg

- Follow her @megscanlift

Winston Hong

- Winston is a BJJ Athlete

- Winston participated in Tokyo Asian championships 2017 & European Championships in Lisbon in 2015

- South East Asian Grappling Champion 2015.

- IBJJF Sydney Open champion 2016 gi & nogi. IBJJF Pan Pacific Champion 2016 gi & nogi. IBJJF Pan Pacific 2017 silver medalist.

- Abu Dhabi World Tour Oceania 2016 Champion. Abu Dhabi World Tour Oceania 2019 silver medalist.

- ADCC Singapore 2018 Champion.

- Follow @winstonhbjj

Pei Gan

- Pei is a powerlifter.

- Pei is the Australian National Powerlifting Champion u52kg APU 2019

- Pei Qualified for the Powerlifting World Championships u52kg IPF 2020.

- Pei is a national bench press record holder in the u47kg with a 62.5kg bench.

-Pei is also a weightlifter.

-Pei is a physio at PB Physio

- Follow her @powerlifting_physio

Isabella von Weissenberg

- Isabella is a powerlifter.

- Izzy is the Powerlifting World u72kg womens champion IPF.

-Izzy is also the powerlfting u72kg squat world record holder IPF.

- Follow her @isabellavonweissenberg

Lucie Thomson

- Lucie is a bodybuilder.

- Lucie is a IFBB elite physique pro, achieving:

  • Australasia BB 14’
  • All female Classic WPD 19’
  • NSW/Aus WPD 19’
  • Australasia WPD 21’

- Powerlifting GPC nationals 1st place 2014

- Follow @mzlucille_ifbbelite_pro

Kevin Chávez Banda

- Kevin is a diver.

- Kevin is a Mexican-born Australian Olympic diver who competed at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

-Kevin won the bronze medal at the 2013 World Aquatics Championships in Barcelona at the 1m Springboard event.

- Follow him @kevin.chavez.b

Laura Sgro

- Laura is a powerlifter.

- Laura is a national powerlifting GPC record holder

- Laura has achieved Arnold gold x2, 4th wildcats u75kg & best total 55kg.

- Follow her @laura.pocketrocket

Maddi Wu

- Maddi is a weightlifter.

- Maddi went to the Junior world weightlifting championships.

- Maddi is also a weightlifting coach at HrdKAW strength.

- Follow @maddi_wu

Leonardo Sucitra

- Leonardo is a powerlifter.

- Leo represented Australia at the world powerlifting championships 2019 IPF u73kg.

- Leo is a national powerlifting champion APU 2018.

- Leo is the highest ranked Australian Raw Powerlifter.

- Leo is also a Powerlifting coach. 

- Follow @lionheart_pl

Alicia Gowans

- Alicia is a bodybuilder.

- Ally is a 3 x WBFF World Champ & Coach of Year.

- Follow @aliciagowans_wbffpro