Australian Powerlifting Union

- PB is proud to be a preferred medical providers to the Australian Powerlifting Union. PB was assigned by the APU Executive Committee and Medical Board.

- Pei & Julia are both registered in the APU. Pei competes at State & Nationals.

- PB also gives secondary opinions for medical exemptions for team selections.

-We work closely with dozens of powerlifters & their coaches to ensure smooth comp prep.

- See the full APU Medical Board here

Adonis Athletics

PB has locations at @adonisathleticspaddington @adonisathleticscastlehill

-Our physios Julia and Pei have been members at Adonis for several years

-PB has sponsored the charity event for Beyond Blue 'Deadlift for Dollars' for two years running at Adonis Penrith & Adonis Castle Hill

-PB has sponsored a Powerlifting competition at Adonis Campbelltown

-PB and Adonis collaborated to produce the 'Squat PBs with Adonis' seminar at Adonis Paddington.

-We work closely with the many types of strength athletes that Adonis houses and their coaches to ensure smooth comp prep.

-Contact Adonis today to become strong!

Mikes Team

-Our Womens Health Physio Julia has been with @mikes_team  for a long time

-PB will help the athletes with any pre/post comp niggles of the athletes to allow them to train without any interruption

- PB is also an affiliate of Mikes new bodybuilding federation Natural Bodybuilding Australia (NBA)

- PB has sponsored a NBA event at UFC Gym Bankstown.
- We will also help to improve performance's of the athletes off/in season with full body assessments of mobility, strength and movement patterning to allow them to perform their best on stage

-Contact Mike today if you wish to peruse bodybuilding.

HRDKAW Strength

-  Strength and skill based gym specialising in Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics.

- Programs are individualised for  Face-to-face and online coaching.

- Contact the coaches Australian Olympic diver @MelissaPaigeWu ,  Australia Olympic Weightlifter @JoshWu7  today or head to their website at HRDKAW

Athletic IQ

- Evidence based contest prep coaches who will help you get the best results possible and achieve a championship worthy physique.

- Contact the coaches @PaoloBaja or @RobbieFrame  today or head to their website at Athletic IQ